Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Radical Well-Being: A Biblical Guide to Overcoming Pain, Illness, & Addictions

Title: RADICAL WELL-BEING: A Biblical Guide to Overcoming Pain, Illness, & Addictions
Author: Rita Hancock, MD
Publisher: Siloam
January 2013
ISBN: 978-1-41236-000-1
Genre: Healthy living

What’s blocking you from experiencing total wellness?

Research shows a strong connection between our spiritual life, our emotions, and our physical well being. Yet usually our physical conditions are treated without taking our whole lives into account.  In Radical Well-being, Dr. Rita Hancock shows you how your mind, body, and spirit are connected and addresses the factors that can contribute to, and even cause, illness, addictions, and chronic pain.

If you suffer from medical conditions like fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, neck or back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, jaw pain, food and drug allergies, depression, anxiety, or unwanted behaviors such as overeating, an eating disorder, overspending, drug abuse or alcoholism, Radical Well-being will show you a biblical, whole-body approach to overcoming your condition. With nearly twenty years of experience counseling patients from a balanced, mind/body/Holy Spirit perspective, Dr. Rita gives you practical advice, including how to:

·  Identify the lies that are manipulating you from a subconscious level
·  Deal with emotional factors that can make your pain seem worse
·  Address addictive behaviors that you want to get rid of
·  Fully accept God's love and forgiveness on a deep, healing level

True freedom and improved health come when deeply-rooted lies are illuminated and replaced with knowledge from the merciful heart of God. Radical Well-being will help you feel better in your mind, body, and spirit. You will end up feeling the way one of Dr. Rita's patients put it: "Like the weight of a skyscraper has been lifted off my shoulders."  (from the back cover)

RADICAL WELL-BEING is written in a friendly style, as if Dr. Rita is sitting across her office desk from you, holding a conversation. The book is divided up into five parts:

< “You’re No Good” (identifying lies and what the do to you
< The Whole You—connecting mind, body, and spirit
< The Spiritual You—seeing through God’s eyes
< Take Captive Every Thought—How right thinking leads to right actions
< Hope in Your Future—Biblical steps to healing and health

Combining personal stories with biblical truths and medical advice, Dr. Rita will encourage you to start taking the steps today to improve your whole health. Recommended for those struggling with illnesses (ranging across the board), pain, and additions. $16.99. 288 pages. 



A board-certified physician in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Management, Dr. Rita Hancock specializes in helping her patients achieve optimal function in spite of their arthritic, painful joints. One way she does this is by helping them lose weight. Dr. Rita has not only Ivy League training in nutrition and the psychology of obesity, but she also speaks from personal experience. She personally overcame a compulsive eating disorder and lost 75 pounds and kept it off for for over 27 years. 

Dr. Rita is giving away copies of her first book The Eden Diet, on Kindle between 1/.8-1/12/13.  

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