Monday, July 28, 2014

Ruth: Mother of Kings

Author: Diana Wallis Taylor
Publisher: Whitaker House
October 2013
ISBN: 978-1603749039
Genre: Biblical fiction

The story of Ruth has captivated Christian believers for centuries, not least of all because she is one of only two women with books of the Bible named after them. Now, Diana Wallis Taylor animates this cherished part of the Old Testament, with its unforgettable cast of characters. Experience Ruth's elation as a young bride—and her grief at finding herself a widow far before her time. Witness the unspeakable relief of Naomi upon hearing her daughter–in–law promise never to leave her. And celebrate with Boaz when, after years as a widower, he discovers love again, with a woman he first found gleaning in his field. The story of this remarkable woman to whom Jesus Christ traced His lineage comes to life in the pages of this dramatic retelling.

RUTH: MOTHER OF KINGS is the retelling of the story of Ruth, with all the back story, from when she was orphaned as a four-year-old girl, sent to live with grandparents she didn’t know, and then grew up and fell in love and married Mahon. It also tells  the tale of Boaz being worried about losing his wife and family to illness, mourning the death of his only son, and learning how to move beyond the grief.

Biblical fiction is not my favorite genre to read. I always end up wondering what is fact and what is fiction. The Ruth in this story has the prerequisite red hair that it seems that all heroines must have in fiction. Did the real Ruth have red hair? Would she be less heroic if she had black hair or brown?

If you are a fan of biblical fiction then you will surely love finding out more about Ruth. $14.99. 288 pages. 

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