Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Talon: Connected

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Author: Gigi Sedlmayer
Publisher: Aurora House
January 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9874686-6-6
Genre: Young Adult

Matica still lives in the small village of Pucara with her brother, mom and dad, who is recovering from his near-death experience. Her 11th birthday is coming up and the things she is about to encounter proves she is very brave.

Events take a sudden turn when she is invited to see Elcano, the very old and frail father of the village elder Pajaro. Not once, but three times he summons her. She is afraid of him but he fascinates her. He calls her 'his daughter' Why? The amazing things he is about to tell her could be life-changing, things she had never thought about.

Matica nearly jumps out of her skin at what she is told. 'Who me?' she questions herself. 'Really me?'

Will Matica be able to cope with these life-changing disclosures? In the midst of all this, the poachers are back, looking for eggs and birds - and Talon.

TALON, CONNECTED is far more than a kids' story. It is a story about growing up, friendship, and the challenge of moral choices and respect. Ride along during the ongoing adventures of Matica and her best friends, the condors Talon, Tamo and Tima, characters many readers already know and have learned to love. TALON, CONNECTED is the fourth book of the epic adventure series TALON.

TALON, CONNECTED is the fourth book in this on-going series. As the book begins, Matica and her father are recovering from their ordeal in the last book. Her dad's leg is beginning to heal and Matica is recovering from exhaustion. The condors visit with almost human-like characteristics. 

And just as you think you have the story figured out, the poachers return, and a village elder whom was assumed "departed" at the beginning of the book starts summoning Matica. Why? What does he want? You have to read the book to find out. 

Fans will want to read these books in order as one in a continuation of the rest. Ms. Sedlmayer is currently writing book five in the series - might make a good collection to buy for a gift for a reader. 

$17.06 paperback. $4.95 Kindle. 362 pages. 

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