Friday, July 17, 2015

Relax-a-Bye Baby

Getting Your Little One to Sleep Just Got a Lot Easier In Relax-a-Bye Baby

Mimi Sommers shares a relaxation exercise to ease your child off to dreamland. It’s bedtime and the battle begins. Your little one is still bubbling with energy and you’ve run out of bedtime stories and used up all of your tips and tricks for getting him or her off to sleep. Mimi Sommers went through this nearly every evening with her son.

On one particularly bad night when the clock read 10:30 and he was still wide awake she turned, in desperation, to a relaxation exercise often used by adults, and by 10:45 her little guy was sound asleep. Later, she refined the exercise, so that it was tailored specifically for tots, and then she wrote RELAX-A-BYE BABY: A BEDTIME GUIDE TO HELP YOUR LITTLE ONE RELAX AND SLEEP TIGHT (Angus Macgregor Books, September 2014, paperback).

Beautifully illustrated, RELAX-A-BYE BABY offers parents a relaxation exercise in a nursery rhyme that not only helps their little ones ease into to sleep, but teaches them relaxation skills that can benefit them throughout their lives. It also helps kids to see bedtime as their time to rest after an active day and rejuvenate for another one.

A cute little bedtime story for children that will ease them into quieting down and help them sleep. I learned this technique in drama class, and it really does work. Read the excerpt below. If you read this book to your child, quietly, and slowly, encouraging them to do as the words say, then you're child should learn how to relax and go to sleep easily. Recommended.

 Quiet your legs They were busy all day Walking and running For work and for play
 Straighten them out Settle them down You won’t really need them In this sleepy town
 Your hips connect Your bottom and top You’re moving all day So their work doesn’t stop
Rest your hips now Let them sink into bed Tell them to “Be quiet”
From your toes to your head A strong, straight back Makes you feel tall and proud
Stretch it. Relax it. Stand out from the crowd Feel all your tension Melting away
No more time for worry Tomorrow’s a new day

Relax-a-Bye Baby by Mimi Sommers Angus Macgregor Books| August 2014 | 32 pages | $17.95 | Paperback ISBN-10: 0990431509 | ISBN-13: 978-0990431503||

ABOUT THE AUTHOR MIMI SOMMERS is a registered dental hygienist who graduated from the University of Southern California. Early in her career, she moved to Switzerland to start a hygiene program for a private practice and currently works part-time in Los Altos, CA. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Mimi most recently created a series of children's interactive educational iPad Apps licensed under Life Skills Games. Mimi lives in Palo Alto, CA with her husband, young son and 2 dogs.

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