Thursday, August 23, 2018

Book Spotlight: The Works of Christ

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    Book Title: The Works of Christ My Proof of God's Existence  
    Genre: Christian, Poetry, Inspirational 
    ISBN: 9781498464451

    Meet Edward

    Edward King is a positive-writing author, who tells us about how to look at things in a positive perspective. With his inspirational writings, he has come a long way from being at on verge of death to being able to inspire many people with both his life and his writings. With his quick healing from the death-defying car accident, Edward King goes through everyday looking to God for all of his answers and finds so much inspiration. He writes to show everyone the God he knows. 

                                                 About The Book

    In August 2010, Edward King was in a traumatic car accident that nearly ended his young life. From this accident, he had an incredible out-of-body experience. This is his story along with a collection of simple poetry designed to help one come closer to Christ.

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    Sometimes we lose vision, and we're blinded by our desires,
    but the Lord always cares about us, and he always inspires

    a servant of his to show each of us some clues
    that he will always love us, and his guidance, we'll never lose.

    From our birth to our death, he will always be there
    to cleanse us of our sins and enable us to care

    and love every one of our brothers and sisters in his name,
    for he loves us so much, he totally cleansed everyone's shame.

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