Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Plain Everyday Heroes

Plain Everyday Heroes: An Amish Summer Collection 

Paperback, ebook

July 4, 2018

by Laura V Hilton (Author), Rachel J Good (Author), Thomas Nye (Author)

  • Paperback: 220 pages
  • Publisher: Celebrate Lit Publishing Group
  • ISBN-13: 978-0999145180

They come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Sometimes they're larger-than-life wonders who do grandiose things, but more often than not, they're ordinary people who do something that feels extraordinary to the person they help. They're just "Everyday Heroes."
Playing with Fire by Laura V. Hilton
After a devastating fire, Noah Behr's faith is buried in rubble, but time spent searching for God and the love of Arie Zimmerman might just bring the healing his heart and soul needs.
My thoughts: I'm not going to review this story for obvious reasons. I loved it though. :) Noah's story just begged to be told, and I love him and Arie. This is a spin-off novella from Firestorm if you haven't read that - or if you want the story how Noah and Arie met and how the fire started. 
An Unlikely Hero by Rachel J. Good
When a stranger arrives and arouses Benuel Miller's suspicions, the blind shopkeeper doesn't let his guard down for a minute... until Mari enters the picture. Something sinister simmers under the surface, and Benuel risks his life and hope of love to discover the truth about the stranger.

My thoughts: Rachel J. Good is an author I was unfamiliar with before I started writing these collections with Celebrate Lit. This is only the fourth story of hers I've read, and she definitely has a unique voice. My heart was pounding during the black moment and the suspense is high in this story. I will admit that I figured out some people were not as they seemed but the true story was surprising when it was revealed. I greatly enjoyed getting to know Benuel and his unique skills. 
Racing the Slow Girls by Thomas Nye
Daniel Shetler just wanted fun with his friends, but when Miriam Hostetler and her friends get in the way, a not-so-friendly rivalry begins. Things change when Miriam's little sister goes missing, he finds himself drawn to her and her family.

My thoughts: Thomas Nye was another author  I was relatively unfamiliar with before writing these collections, but I have read a few books prior to writing with him. Racing the Slow Girls was a fun book. I really liked Daniel and Libby.  I enjoy Mr. Nye's voice in his stories. I loved the way Daniel stepped forward to be a hero when Libby went missing.  Such a sweet story.  

Don't miss this collection!  You might find a new-to-you author to read, as I have. 

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Marilyn R. said...

Nice review of this beautiful collection showing Plain Everyday Heroes. I enjoyed each tale and previous collections by you, Good and Nye.

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