Friday, June 7, 2019

Letters of Love by Joi Copeland

Stationed in China during World War II, Daniel Tozier Snell wrote his new wife, June Marie Snell, as often as he could. These amazing people were my grandparents. Almost ten years ago, I was visiting my grandparents. My Nana pulled out the letters from my Papa and gave them to me as my inheritance. I was thrilled! In these letters, my grandfather expressed his deep love for my grandmother, promising time and again to never be away from her for long.  His love for her grew across the miles. Two years later, my grandfather finally joined in bride!

I devoured those letters. My heart soared as I read his love for her, how beautiful he thought she was, and how he missed her. Letters of Love was born! In this novella, I used my grandfather’s real letters. Only once did I tweak a letter to fit the story.

These two lovebirds were married for almost seventy-four years! March 4, 2018, my grandfather went home to be in the arms of Jesus. Though dementia had set in for my Nana, her heart knew someone was missing in her life. She may not have remembered much, but she remembered her husband. And so, two weeks later, March 18, 2018, my precious Nana followed suit, not being able to live without her only love.

My grandfather, before he passed away, read Letters of Love. He enjoyed it so much he took it to his bank and passed it around to the bank tellers. A greater gift I could not have received!

This book is near and dear to my heart. I hope it will be to yours, as well!

If you have a love story, or know of a love story, like my grandparents, feel free to share it to be entered in a drawing for Letters of Love!

                                                            Author Bio

Two men fighting for their country. Two women dealing with tragedy alone. Two stories, two eras, one common thread. Sophia Phillips, a wife and mom, finds herself missing the two most important people in her life. One ripped from her because of war, the other by death. Sophia's grandmother, Lucia Snell, gives her an early inheritance: letters written to her by her husband while stationed in China during World War II. Lucia believes these letters will help her granddaughter heal from the heart-wrenching tragedy she faces. Will Sophia carry the anger, bitterness, and guilt within her or go to the only One who can heal her from the pain? Will she find the strength to carry on and the will to survive through her grandparents' Letters of Love?

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Marilyn R. said...

Our grandparents wrote letters back and forth before they married, too. I remember seeing them in the past but do not know where they are today. Our mother has precious old fashioned cards her parents gave to each other. They lacked four months of 74 years of marriage before our Grandmother went to heaven to join her son and others.

I know I'll enjoy reading Letters of Love.

Julie Arduini said...


I love reading about this precious, personal story of yours. I know how close you were to them. I'm sorry I don't "see" you as much, but I enjoy following your writing and ministry updates.

Beautiful post!

HeidiDruKortman said...

I don't have any similar story to share, but Letters of Love sounds like it's a remarkable book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies!
Thank you all so much for leaving comments!
Julie, I've missed you but love keeping up on Facebook! I'm glad we have that connection! :)
Heidi, thank you! If it is remarkable, it's only because of my grandparents! :)
Marilyn, letters and love stories are amazing! :)
Have a great day, all!

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