Sunday, August 1, 2021

Let Me Help! by Jenna V Hilton


 Sometimes, out on a walk, my pitbull lab mix, Skye, gets tangled up in the leash. This usually results in her walking really fast with the leash between her legs. 

Now, I can't let go of the leash, because Skye's a runner. So I have to somehow get beside her, grab the harness handle, and pick up her legs one at a time, weaving the leash out from under her. 

Skye doesn't register that I'm helping her. All she knows is that we stopped and she won't have that. 

If someone recorded me trying to untangle Skye, I'd make the news with the world's funniest video. Skye doesn't really stop, even when I'm untangling her. She just sorta waddles on with me shuffling
beside her. 

I know God gets frustrated with us too. The Israelites, am I right? But God never truly gives up. He just finds that one family, that one person he can use to glorify him. And it's happened, and still happens, over and over and over again. We start out as baby Christians, walking beside him. Then we see something and we move over a little bit. Then we see something else and before we know it, we're stuck. But we think, "it's fine. I'm a christian! Everything I'm doing is already forgiven, so I'm all good." Uh uh. 

Yes, we're covered in the blood of Christ, but we're called to be a light to the world! How can we show of our robes of white that God gave us if we're playing in the dirt?! How can we light the way in the darkness if we're hiding it? We need to remember. Even Christians mess up. Even Christians need to repent. 

Dear heavenly father, thank you for never giving up. I know we've made you wanna throw the towel in more than once, but you never do. Thank you for your forgiveness, and help us to lead people to you. In Jesus name, amen.

Jenna V. Hilton is nineteen, and lives in Arkansas with her parents, two sisters, a brother, and dog.  She is a senior in high school and planning to attend college to become a veterinarian.

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Marilyn R. said...

Jenna, I enjoy your devotionals where you share your experiences with Skye and see the Biblical truths in the situation. Blessings.

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