Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Mama

Author: Tracey Bianchi
Publisher: Zondervan
March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-310-32036-4
Genre: Inspirational/Christian life/family

Going green is a popular topic now-a-days. We’re inundated with suggests for electric cars, getting new heat pumps, water heaters, etc, and getting rid of our old appliances and buying new “greener” ones. But sometimes our financial situation just doesn’t allow that. So how can you go green without going into debt?

Tracey Bianchi has written this book for busy moms who want to make wise choices for her family – and makes simple suggestions for going green. Simple things, like reusing scrap paper for your to-do-lists or recycling your cans and bottles. But there are also more complex suggestions if you are already doing the simple stuff.

Ms. Bianchi includes creative tips and spiritual inspiration to help you make wiser environmental choices in the community, office, or at home.

GREEN MAMA is filled with suggestions, most of which are common sense ones. But they are shared with real life stories, such as the time Ms. Bianchi went hiking with a real eco-friendly man as their guide, or stories about her children discussing why trees are important. And Ms. Bianchi recognizes that not everyone will be able to follow all the advice. Such as, I live in a rural area with no public transportation and am twenty miles from the nearest grocery store. I won’t be riding the bus or biking any time soon. But the tips are there in case you are in a situation where you might be able to use it.

I already incorporate most of the ideas into our lifestyle, and with homeschooling, that might make it a bit easier, since the children are raised with it day in and day out. But still, even if you don’t do anything right now, there are things to try, and simple suggestions included in each chapter, as well as questions to answer at the end, with plenty of room to answer them. If you want to go green then GREEN MAMA is definitely a good place to start. Ms. Bianchi suggests borrowing a copy of this book so you don’t waste resources, but I don’t think the publisher would be behind that suggestion one-hundred percent. And since you might want to refer back to it occasionally, I suggest buying your own copy. $12.99. 208 pages.

Tracey Bianchi is an editorial advisor and quarterly columnist for Christianity Today's Gifted for Leadership newsletter and MOPS International's Fullfill magazine. A frequent speaker at MOPS groups and MOPS International conventions, she earned a master of divinity degree with honors from Denver Seminary. She is now the director of women's ministries for Christ Church of Oak Brook, where she regularly teaches large groups and classes. Bianchi lives in Chicago with her family.

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