Sunday, April 18, 2010

Once In a Blue Moon and giveaway

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Author: Leanna Ellis
Publisher: Broadman & Holman
March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4988-4
Genre: Inspirational/women’s fiction

Bryn Seymour was only nine years old when her mother died on the same day Apollo 11 made its historic lunar landing. Since then, Bryn has been fascinated by death, to the point where she becomes an Obituary writer. She is also a thrill-seeker, whilling to defy gravity. But staying in a meaningful relationship with a member of the opposite sex is not so easy.

When Bryn goes to write a freelance story about the fortieth anniversary of the first moon walk, she meets Howard, a loopy old gent who believes that the government is covering up the existence of crystal caverns on the moon, as well as other conspiracy theories. Bryn decides to ignore him, at least until she goes home and watches old family movies to see her mother—and sees this old gent that she met at the anniversary. Who is Howard, and how does he know her mother – enough to rate being included in family movies?

Bryn decides to investigate, and so she travels to Howard’s small Texas town, hoping for answers. But then she meets Sam, Howard’s son and an outspoken Christian. Bryn can’t decide who’s believes are stranger—Howard’s – or Sam’s.

I’ve read all of Leanna Ellis’ books so far, and discovered she is a hit or miss author for me. I totally loved some of her books, and didn’t care for others so much. ONCE IN A BLUE MOON is a not-so-much book for me. Maybe because of Bryn’s fascination with death, or maybe its due to the tone of the book. I don’t know.

The writing is stellar, and written in first person, we are in Bryn’s head, experiencing all she does, from stomach-churning stimulator rides to steamy encounters with the opposite sex (which did make it kind of fun). I also loved aspects of the ending of this book, it was so unexpected. There are also humorous obit teasers included in this book. The last line is a winner. $14.99. 306 pages.

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