Saturday, September 20, 2008

Journey to the Homeland

Author: Hannah Stahlhut
Publisher: Baker Trittin Press
March 2008
ISBN: 978-0-981-4893-0-8
Genre: Inspirational/youth

Keegan is orphaned when he is only six-years-old, but a phenomenal boy, he moves from place to place, working as a servant while he seeks a permanent home. However, Keegan has a unique gift—an ability to communicate with animals—and when this ability is discovered, Keegan is usually ran out of town.

When Keegan is eleven, he’s happily settled with a caring family who offers him a home. However, he keeps his ability a secret—especially the existence of his best friend, Adrian, a jaguar.

However, when Keegan tries to save a little girl, his gift is discovered, but they believe that the girl, Nora, is the one with the gift, and the king’s men kidnaps her. Keegan feels horrible about this, but isn’t sure what to do. Keep silent, and let the girl be taken, or try to stop the kidnappers?

JOURNEY TO THE HOMELAND is the first book in the 2007 Championship Series sponsored by Baker Trittin Press to find talented teen authors and artists. The grand prize winner, Hannah Stahlhut’s book is the first in the series to be published.

JOURNEY TO THE HOMELAND is a gripping story, sure to appeal to boys and girls alike. Set in a mythical land, it is still realistic enough that even tweeners that don’t like fantasy will be able to relate to the story. Written for kids ages 8 – 12, this is a book that will appeal to a wide range of reading likes. Don’t miss this talented author’s debut novel. $10.95. 107 pages.

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