Wednesday, September 3, 2008

White Soul

Author: Brandt Dodson
Publisher: Harvest House
February 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2141-1
Genre: Inspirational/suspense

Ron Ortega is an undercover agent. His pregnant wife wants him to come home, to give up the assignment so he can be with her when the baby is born. His superiors—and his own ambition—want him in Miami.

Ron’s assignment is to bring down this one man. But as Ron begins to get close to his target, he learns that he is part of Miami’s most vicious gangs. Faced with a critical decision—get his man and get out, or go after the higher ups in the gang and bring it down, Ron discovers that there is no clear choice.

Danger prowls the streets, but Ron is determined to bring it down, to let the good guys win this war. As Ron begins to infiltrate the gang, Ron’s life is in danger. As his faith is tested, Ron must choose whether to succumb to the challenges and temptations—or live the life he’s proclaimed. If he lives at all.

WHITE SOUL—not just another FBI story. While the story is active, filled with enough action to keep a die-hard adventure fan happy, but the story is also character driven. Ron is a hero that I could relate with, and I enjoyed getting to know him, and the secondary characters on the pages of this book.

At times, the story is told more than shown, and there is quite a bit of backstory included, both of which encourages skimming, but over all, WHITE SOUL is well written and held my attention. I couldn’t resist cheering for Ron, and hoping that he will not only get his man, but solve the case as well. $13.99. 272 pages.

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