Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Shack

Author: William P. Young
Publisher: Windblown Media
ISBN: 978-0-9647292-4-7
Genre: contemporary

Mackenzie Allen Philip’s six-year-old daughter was abducted during a family vacation and evidence shows that Missy had been brutally murdered. Her blood stained dress is recovered miles from their camping site in an old abandoned shack.

Four years later, Mack’s oldest daughter is going through psychological troubles, and Mack receives a suspicious note from God inviting him back to the shack where Missy was murdered.

Mack isn’t sure whether to go or not, but when his wife decides to take their two remaining children and go visit her sister, he decides it’s the perfect time to head out. What Mack discovers in that old shack will change his life forever.

THE SHACK isn’t really a well-written story. It is told, not shown, which kept me distant from the story. Plus there is an extreme over-use of flowery descriptions that caused me to skim over passages.

The story itself is rather sad. A child abducted, a family in mourning, a situation that is about the worse case possible. I had to keep reading (skimming) to find out what happens. Theologically, the book is trash, promoting several (many) untruths. But it does leave a feel good message that does touch the reader’s heart, about a God that will meet you in your darkest place to bring healing. $24.99 hardcover. 264 pages.

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