Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Be Available

Author: Warren W. Wiersbe
Publisher: David C. Cook
September 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4347-0048-3
Genre: Inspirational/Bible studies/commentary/Old Testament

We live in a time similar to the period described in the book of Judges. People are living according to their own values, we can’t seem to work together or agree on anything, etc. Also, as Dr. Wiersbe points out, there is no king in Israel, and people are in bondage to various enemies. The book of Judges reminds us, that as He did back then, He is currently raising of men and women who believe Him, confront the enemy, and win the victory.

The theme of Judges, according to Dr. Wiersbe, is BE AVAILABLE, and we are reminded that: Obedience brings God’s blessings; disobedience brings God’s discipline.

BE AVAILABLE starts with a suggested outline for the book of Judges, and also includes a key verse. This study guide is excellent for use with small groups, and individual studies. Like for instance, chapter one includes Judges 1 and 2, and it starts with what could be current day newspaper headings (though actually, they were all taken from Judges). It goes on to include an in-depth study of Judges, with verses to look up (some are printed, but not all.) Then at the end of the chapter is a page (front and back) of discussion questions.

Dr. Wiersbe is a name that I grew up with, as my parents had his entire collection of commentaries and study guides. I was thrilled when, as a young adult, I actually attended the same church as Dr. Wiersbe while my husband attended seminary. We might have spoken once or twice, but I was very much in awe of the man and still am today.

These books were previously published, and are enjoying being reprinted to make them more readily available to today’s scholars. If you are interested in a deep Bible study by a respected Bible scholar, then I highly recommend BE AVAILABLE, or any of the other books in the Be series. These are not to be missed. $12.99. 199 pages.

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