Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook

Written by: Robin Currie
Illustrated by: Constanza Basaluzzo
Published by: David C. Cook
October 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7814-0368-9
Genre: Inspirational/baby Bible

THE BABY BIBLE CHRISTMAS STORYBOOK is a Christmas story book that takes the biblical account of Jesus’ birth into bite sized pieces. For instance, the first one is Mary’s Secret. And gives the scripture reference, then four sentences about the verse along with hand actions, so it will be visual, ending with a short prayer.

The illustrations are colorful, and hold the child’s attention, and the Bible storybook is a firm boardbook with pages that won’t get ripped easily.

My youngest child is five, so she’s a bit old for this book (in my opinion, but the guideline says for ages 4 - 8), but even so, she was enthralled by THE BABY BIBLE CHRISTMAS STORYBOOK and wanted to sit down and look at the pictures.

With Christmas coming, this is an ideal book to give to your favorite baby or preschooler. He or she will enjoy looking through it and it can be used for a short devotional for the child, guaranteed to hold his or her attention. I recommend this book. This was originally published in 2001. $9.99 hardcover. 36 pages.

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