Sunday, October 24, 2010

Emily's Chance

Author: Sharon Gillenwater
Publisher: Revell
October 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3354-4
Genre: Inspirational/contempory

Chance Callahan virtually fell in love with Emily Rose from the moment he met her. Emily was hired to organize the tiny museum the Callahan Crossing’s historical society was hoping to put together, but she’d barely started sorting through the old photos and paperwork when the town suffered a massive setback and the building they were using as the museum burned.

Chance rescued Emily from the fire, but she is certain she’s out of a job…at least until Chance offers the historical society a building he owns, free and clear, to use as a museum. Emily is thrilled—because she will have more time to get to know chance, and because this job will look good on her resume, and hopefully help her on the road to becoming a big city museum curator.

But as Emily works to restore the town’s history, will Chance be able to help her uncover the value of love?

EMILY’S CHANCE is the second book in The Callahan’s of Texas series by Ms. Gillenwater, but it easily stands alone. I did have the privilege of reading the first book, but even if I hadn’t I would have been able to follow along without problems. The title is a great play on words too. I applaud the one who thought of it!

Emily is a sweet, kind heroine, struggling to prove herself, both in a field that has few opportunities for career advancement, but also to her parents. Chance is considerate hero, willing to bend over backwards to accommodate those he cares for. I couldn’t help but cheer for these two as they try to get to know each other. If you are looking for a sweet romance set in the big state of Texas, then you won’t want to miss EMILY’S CHANCE. $14.99. 338 pages.

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