Thursday, March 10, 2011

Transforming Prayer

Author: Daniel Henderson
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
January 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0851-5
Genre: Inspirational/prayer

TRANSFORMING PRAYER is a book that will take your prayer life from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Many people become discouraged by prayer. Instead of having a genuine encounter with God, their prayer life is simply a “grocery list” of requests.

So, how do you connect with God through prayer? Pastor Daniel Henderson has over three decades of experience helping Christians transform their prayer life. Now in this book, he will show you how to:

. Overcome common barriers to praying effectively
. Awaken your prayer life with simple, biblical patterns of prayer
. Enjoy Spirit-led prayer sparked by Scripture passages

Once you experience the profound differences of worship-based prayer, your faith and life will never be the same.

There are many books out there on prayer. I thought this one sounded interesting, because like many Christians I was praying the “grocery list” of prayer needs. But I longed for more. My spirit was crying out for God, both in my prayer life and in my devotions and the needs weren’t being met. The ironic part is that many consider me to be a prayer warrior. If they only knew. TRANSFORMING PRAYER is a book that I hope will change all that. I read the book and am beginning to put the teachings into practice. But I also think that I will reread the book, not as a book to review, but as a book to learn from—slowly, prayerfully, and with a notebook nearby to make comments in. Appendixes are included at the end of the book, and if you are interested, if you visit you’ll find video introductions to each chapter and additional resources. Invaluable book. $13.99. 238 pages.

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