Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Humbug: A Christmas Carol

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Author: Lee Baker
Illustrators: Kienan Lafferty and Andrew Young
Publisher: Sandman Studios
September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-615-33839-2
Genre: Children’s/Christmas

Winterton is a frozen town with frozen hearts and frozen people. No one speaks to one another, no one smiles, and everyone keeps to themselves. Worse, Santa has forgotten this little town, hidden between two mountains, and hasn’t been there in years.

Mimi is a little orphan girl who’s been passed from orphanage to orphanage over the years. Her only friend in the world is a little humbug. She is sent to live in Winterton, but the orphanage there has no room for her! Mrs. Sleet sticks her up in the cold and frozen attic, but the humbug starts humming there, bringing cheer to Mimi.

Eventually, Mimi and her humbug begin to thaw people’s hearts but when the mayor decides that no one can really hear the humming, the hearts freeze over—including Mimi’s. Can the humbug still manage to bring Santa to Winterton? Or will their hearts remain frozen forever.

HUMBUG A CHRISTMAS CAROL is a real cute book for older children about the magic of Christmas. There is a foreword included by Ebenezer Scrooge, which says pretty much what you imagine it might.

Some of the drawings/illustrations in this story were kind of scary looking, but I think they were intended to be. Otherwise, they were engaging, and helped to draw the reader into the story. My nine year old thoroughly enjoyed this story and read it herself, without waiting for me, but my six year old couldn’t sit still long enough to listen to it. If you are looking for a unique book about Santa and bringing the magic of Christmas to a forgotten village, then HUMBUG A CHRISTMAS CAROL is a book to consider. $15.95. 38 pages.

I received this book in return for review from the publicist.

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