Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Log Cabin Christmas - review 2

Authors: Various
Publisher: Barbour Books
September 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61626-478-9
Genre: Historical/Christmas/romance

Love is the best Christmas Gift for the American Pioneer. This book is a collection of several stories but I am going to be featuring a few stories on different days this week to give you a taste of the book.

A Star in the Night by Liz Johnson – Cora Sinclair has finally returned to the small cabin she shares with her grandfather after the War Between the States. The last thing she expects is to find a wounded Yankee Captain on her land. She and her grandfather nurse Jed Harrington back to life after his wound, but he is adamant he must leave to transport important papers back to Washington. But if he leaves—will he return?

The Courting Quilt by Jane Kirkpatrick – Mary Bishop owns a struggling mercantile, struggling more now that her husband has died and two more stores have opened up across the river. When salesman Richard Taylor comes in to sell thread to her, she is quick to offer him another job, selling the thread and her material in a circuit route so the women won’t need to come to town to buy supplies. Richard agrees, but has he bitten off more than he’s bargained for when every unmarried woman on his route plans to marry him?

Under His Wings by Liz Tolsma – Adie O’Connell has imagined her perfect farm home in her mind a thousand times. It would have a log cabin and a big stone fireplace and it would be a far cry from the small lumber camp cottage she shared with her pa. But when her pa died, Adie has no one to protect her from the uncouth lumberjacks she cooked for. No one, that is, except Noah Mitchell, a man who only worked at the camp to save enough money to go to seminary in order to train to be a preacher. Noah offers to marry her for protection, in name only, and Adie agrees only after it becomes clear that she can’t care for herself. Will Noah and Adie get their wish for Christmas?

These are just three of the nine stories in this best selling collection of stories by nine different authors. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories and know that this book will become a treasured Christmas reading tradition for me and many other people for years to come.

If you are looking for a great Christmas book for a gift or for yourself, then you can’t go wrong with A LOG CABIN CHRISTMAS. A fantastic book. $14.99. 442 pages.

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