Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Sweethaven Christmas

Author: Courtney Walsh
Publisher: Summerside Press/Guideposts
October 2012
ISBN: 978-0-8249-3182-7
Genre: Women’s fiction

The women of Sweethaven are reunited for a small-town Christmas!

It's holiday time in Sweethaven, but things don't go quite as planned for these scrapbookers. Lila is thrown for a loop when a woman claiming to be her sister arrives in town. As she begins digging into the woman's claims, Lila uncovers things about her family she may never be able to accept or forgive.

After the girls find an old scrapbook on Adele's bookshelf, she is reminded of her first love, a Sweethaven boy whose heart she broke so many years ago. With help from modern technology and the Sweethaven Circle, Adele arranges a reunion with this man.

And when Campbell sees Luke with a ring, she isn't sure whether to be happy or terrified. Are wedding bells in her future? For Jane and Meghan, Sweethaven is filled with the promise of something new -- as well as good friends, a new scrapbook, and a little holiday magic!

A SWEETHAVEN CHRISTMAS is the third book in The Sweethaven Circle series. Readers who fell in love with Adele, Jane, Meghan, Campbell, and Lila will want to read this book to see how it all plays out.  Readers will want to read A Sweethaven Summer and A Sweethaven Homecoming first as the stories are not stand alone.

Each chapter is written in a different character’s point of view, and readers will instantly be able to connect with each one. I have my favorite characters in the series, such as Adele. Some of the characters hurts are really painful, others more embarrassing, but they are all real. This is a great holiday read. Recommended. $13.99. 320 pages.

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