Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dr. Dobson's Handbook of Family Advice

Author: Dr. James Dobson
Publisher: Harvest House Publisher
August 2012
ISBN: 978-0736943734
Genre: Parenting/Family

Do you ever feel as if you’re fighting a battle just to maintain a moderately happy home? Dr. Dobson offers answers to many of your family-related questions such as:

Ø      How can we communicate more effectively
Ø      How can we encourage our child to develop self-confidence
Ø      Why doesn’t our child care about his school work
Ø      How can we build a culture of respect in our home

Dr. Dobson is an expert in family matters and this HANDBOOK OF FAMILY ADVICE showcases some of his works from his previous books. If you have read his previous books, then probably you won’t want to spend money on this one. But if you haven’t then this book might be something you want to consider.

Some effort has been put into dividing by category, such as parenting teens, young children, developmental years, etc. Each is punctuated with a story, but not all the stories seem to have anything to do with anything, though they are humorous, like the time his parents worked against each other in “confronting an intruder which never existed”

If you are new to parenting or haven’t read parenting books before then DR. DOBSON’S HANDBOOK OF FAMILY ADVICE is a book to consider. A nice collection of his previously published works. $14.99. 288 pages.

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