Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mama Was the Queen of Christmas

Title: MAMA WAS THE QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS: How to Keep the King on His Throne During the Busy Season
Author: Linda J. Gilden
Publisher: Oak Tara
October 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60290-350-0
Genre: Christmas & Advent

MAMA WAS THE QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS is a delightful collection of practical suggestions for keeping the holidays focused on the most important person of all: Jesus. Mama had some unique ideas to celebrating the Christmas season, involving Santa, Advent, family dinners, creative daily gifts and more.

Special features included in this book are: For the Queen (suggestions for Mama), For the King (to worship the King of Kings), For the Court (to get the family involved). These will help you to apply the truth to your own life, your relationship with God, and enhance your family relationships.

There are some easy holiday recipes and creative ideas you won’t want to miss.

I was enthralled by MAMA WAS THE QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS when I saw a blurb that we were able to post as filler on our blog. What a fun book! My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I thought it would be neat to have some new ideas and suggestions to bring Christ back in to the center of Christmas.

I was not disappointed. This is a book that Mamas all over will refer to year after year to help them get the holidays in gear. There are even some ideas for Dad to get involved so he can be a blessing to his wife. And ideas to include the family. Awesome guide to the holidays. 5 stars. $12.95. 128 pages. 

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