Saturday, March 29, 2014

An Ocean Away

Author: Lisa Harris
Publisher: Summerside Press
June 2011
ISBN: 978-1609361075
Genre: Historical

Dateline: 1921—Northern Rhodesia and New York, New York.

Lizzie MacTavis is determined to remain with the people with whom God called her
to work along the banks of the rugged Zambezi River in southern Africa.

Andrew Styles, an anthropologist and explorer, has been commissioned to bring Lizzie back to New York City at any cost. With a fortune at stake, Lizzie is caught between two worlds when she is finally forced to return to the United States and discovers her life is
in danger. Will Andrew turn out to be Lizzie’s nemesis or hero?

AN OCEAN AWAY is an older title that I had on my to-be-read pile for sometime. I was looking forward as I had enjoyed some of Ms. Harris’ more recent books. The copy I have though, sadly, is deficient. It goes from page 45 to page 165 and so quite a lot of the story is missing. It ruined the story for me.  I was sent this to review though, so hopefully the publisher caught and fixed the problem for those who purchased it.

Set in 1921, it is when the world is beginning to change. The women’s rights movement was beginning. Skirts were shortening. And Lizzie serves as a nurse in Africa—though she’s rarely allowed to serve as such, due to the natives feeling she’s a curse.

Andrew is nice, determined, and stubborn enough to match Lizzie’s personality. I wondered how he could possibly talk her out of her beloved Africa

There is a recipe included at the end of the book.  $12.99 print or $7.68 kindle. 320 pages. 

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