Saturday, March 8, 2014

Free to Learn

Free to Learn
Adult. Price $27.99
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Free to Learn is a hard cover book that will show parents and teachers how removing play from childhood, in combination with increasing the pressures of school, paradoxically reduces the very skills we want our children to learn. 
In Free to Learn Peter Gray discussion topics such as:
Ø      How play is crucial to children’s intellectual, social, and emotional development
Ø      What hunter-gather societies can teach us about raising children
Ø      How children’s natural instics to educate themselves can function today if we provide appropriate environmental conditions
Ø      Reasons for the decline in trustful parenting and children’s freedoms and how to become a more trustful parent
Ø      How the decline in play  and increased school pressure have led to a continuous rise in psychological disorders among children and adolescents
Ø      How play has changed in today’s technology-filled world and parents’ role in the decline of outdoor play
According to the author, other cultures can show us that when children spend time with others of mixed ages, they learn, grow, and develop naturally and positively. Dr. Gray, a developmental psychologist, says that spending time in self-directed play and development leads to the development of socially, intellectually, and emotionally healthy adults.

Included in Freedom to Learn are extensive notes and bibliography in case you want further information. Recommended for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. 

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