Monday, April 14, 2014

Cynthia and the Amazing Bunny

Author: Fern Kuhn
Publisher: Self Published
April 2013
Genre: Children

Cynthia wants a pet bunny, so she keeps asking her mom to go to the pet store but they never find a bunny. Cynthia’s mom and dad are getting frustrated. Finally, they tell Cynthia one last trip.

Cynthia asks to hold all the bunnies in the store – but each one she says, “Sorry, you’re not the one.” Will she ever find the bunny she is looking for?

CYNTHIA AND THE AMAZING BUNNY is a short book perfect for Easter time.  I downloaded it when it was free and my daughter read it on Nook. I read it today. My daughter says she gives it five stars. She enjoyed it. As an adult I found it more telling and not showing, and the pictures weren’t very good. I would give it three stars.  So I’m averaging my daughters rating and mine, to give it four stars.

If you are looking for an Easter story that is about bunnies, not the Easter bunny, and not about Jesus, then this is a cute story.  22 pages. 99 cents. 4 stars.

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