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Two are Better

Title: TWO ARE BETTER: Midlife Newlyweds Bicycle Coast to Coast
Authors: Tim & Debbie Bishop
Publisher: Open Road Press
May 2013
ISBN: 978-0985624828
Genre: Memoir

Are you looking for adventure?

Waiting upon the Lord takes on new meaning when you’ve been searching for companionship for over thirty years. But when you wait for God’s timing, He doesn’t disappoint. His redemptive grace translates into second chances, a fresh start, and the overwhelming joy of a long-standing prayer answered.

Such was the case for Tim and Debbie Bishop. At age 52, the couple finally found in each other that special someone they’d been searching for years to marry. They moved from marriage proposal and wedding, to Tim’s “retirement” and relocation, to embarking on their cycling adventure in only ten weeks. There was no more need to hold back once God gave the green light. Two Are Better shares the joy and excitement of the Bishops’ escape into togetherness.

From Tim’s epiphany about his stale life to Debbie’s dramatic spiritual conversion and deliverance from addictions, God leads them in some fascinating ways. When midlife crisis threatens to spoil the party, God transforms it into a midlife miracle, with an ensuing celebration to match. The bicycle tour doubles as a classroom filled with metaphors that reinforce the spiritual truths and lessons of a larger journey through life. Fear and faith wage war throughout, and other spiritual concepts rise to a practical level.

Early reviewer Scott Emack knows this isn’t just another travelogue: “Framed within a coast-to-coast biking odyssey with its daunting challenges lies a deeper and engaging view of discovering ourselves, our relationship with a loved one, spiritual connections, and answers to the nagging quest for juggling our priorities. Two Are Better will no doubt inspire you, but the fun in these pages is riding along with the Bishops.”

The Bishops were awestruck by the beauty and bounty of America. They brought back some pictures to share with you. Over 100 color photos supplement vivid descriptions of their magnificent surroundings. Their dual (and sometimes duel) narrative challenges readers to pursue their own dreams and to find their own release from the humdrum that life at any age can bring. Their inspirational story is a strong reminder that God wants to grant us the desires of our heart in His perfect timing. And when He does, you will never be the same.

Embrace life like never before. Read Two Are Better, and begin your own quest to more adventuresome living.

TWO ARE BETTER is marketed as Travel/Adventure, and while it is, in some ways, it is more the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bishops' discovery of each other, their beginning relationship, and their relationship after they married. I discovered that neither was very well prepared for a bicycle trip across country (for example, they didn’t know how to patch an intertube). I am happy they found love at fifty and were in good enough shape to mostly bicycle across the country (they did hitch some rides, most of the way through Minnesota, for instance) and they survived the trip to write about it.

Tim was mostly the writer of this book. They designated authors by color, Tim had black, Debbie had magenta, which is a really unique idea. The few bright patches of pink stood out.  Lots of good photos complete the book. 

If you are looking for a memoir about Mr. and Mrs. Bishop’s relationship and road trip, this is the book for you. If you are looking for more travel/adventure you can do better.  4 stars for an interesting story. $19.95. 208 pages. 

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