Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pocket Genius: Facts at Your Fingertips

Pocket Genius: Facts at Your Fingertips
Elementary. Price $7.99
DK: www.dk.com

Pocket Genius: Facts at Your Fingertips is a collection of hardback books designed to help your elementary age child have basic facts in a variety of subjects at your fingertips.

Pocket Genius: Facts at Your Fingertips include topics such as:
Ø      Ancient Egypt
Ø      Animals
Ø      Bugs
Ø      Dinosaurs
Ø      Earth
Ø      Horses
Ø      Human Body
Ø      Mammals
Ø      Rocks and Minerals
Ø      Science
Ø      Sharks
Ø      Space

I was sent the Horses and the Human Body ones to review. The Human Body one covers: All about your body, from bones and breathing to blood and the brain; Clear and crisp photographs and diagrams with bite-size chunks of information; Spectacular full-page images; Amazing stats and incredible facts. The horse one includes the above mentioned, but with Profiles of more than 130 horse and pony breeds and Amazing stats and record-breakers.

Pocket Genius: Facts at Your Fingertips will help reinforce your child’s knowledge reading the information and fun facts about the different subjects.

The only bad thing I found was for those who believe God created the world, these books do support evolution. They also support the Common Core, the new standard of education. These are perfect for fun study, playing school or keeping skills up during the summer or as supplements to unit studies. 

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