Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Manual to Manhood

Author: Jonathan Catherman
Publisher: Revell
April 2014
ISBN:  978-0800722296
Genre: Men’s issues / self help

T here's a lot a guy needs to know as he grows up and makes his way in the world. And a lot of it, he wouldn't necessarily want to have to ask about because then, well, people would know he didn't know what he was doing! For all the guys out there who want to have it all together, Jonathan Catherman offers this collection of one hundred step-by-step instructions on almost everything a guy needs to know, including how to:

· wear cologne correctly
· manage a credit card
· talk to a girl
· plan a date
· write a résumé
· ask for a reference
· clean a bathroom
· throw a football
· change a tire
· behave during a traffic stop
· fold a shirt
· tie a tie
· grill a steak
· clear a sink drain
· find a stud in a wall

In fact, if it's in here, it's an important skill or character trait practiced by capable and confident men. With great illustrations and a supporting website, this all-in-one reference tool for young men in the making is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, or any occasion.

THE MANUAL TO MANHOOD tells in detail how to do everything a man might need to know, including how to cook potatoes or pasta! It includes a bunch of fun facts after every how to that even women would love to read.

I found this book a little amazing – like some men don’t know how to do this or that – but maybe not all parents teach them to their sons. And maybe some men learn them from experience—or because they won’t listen to wise advice and have to learn the hard way.

Whatever the reason, this book is a great how to manual for any man who needs to do something and doesn’t want to show their ignorance by asking. Recommended for young men, from graduating high school on up, who are leaving the nest and will find themselves having to be the man. $14.99. 288 pages. 5 stars. 

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Judy said...

Sounds like a great book for those younger men just starting out in life, so to speak. Great review Laura!

Judy B