Sunday, June 29, 2014

A June Bride

Author: MaryBeth Whalen
Publisher: Zondervan
May 2014
Genre: Contemporary romance
64 pages
$3.79 Kindle

Wynne Hardy sends in a tape for the new reality TV show, The Rejection Connection. She’s still not healed from her ended relationship with her high school and college sweetheart, Callum Royce.

To Wynne’s surprise she's selected as the star of this new bachelor-like show where she gets the opportunity to mend her broken heart and find love again. She chooses Andy Baker, and before she knows it they're planning an elaborate wedding.

How much of the show was really reality though? How well does she know Andy? And what should she do when Callum wants to meet with her before the wedding?

I don't even know how I feel about A JUNE BRIDE. Wow. Totally mixed emotions. I couldn't believe she would actually go on a reality show after being rejected and airing all that garbage, and then picking some guy on the rebound who is obviously... not what he pretended to be, and to allow some power-hungry woman control in her life... and there is so much unsaid. She saw Callum twice in the story. And it ends unresolved. No happy ever after ending. Which leaves a big gaping hole in this romance-lovers life. And I can't believe Callum actually intruded in her life when she was moving on. That was low.... 

Sigh of disappointment. I loved A December Bride. The A Year of Weddings series has gone down since then. But despite that, I'm not ready to throw in the towel. 
I will request A July Bride if it is offered to me for review (by Booklook) after they see this review. 

This is my opinion only. 

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