Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home to Currahee

Author: Beverly Varnado
Publisher: Xulon Press
April 2014
ISBN: 978-1629523545
Genre: Women’s fiction

All June Callaway wants is a simpler life and healing from a tragedy when she moves from Atlanta to the charming town of Toccoa near historic Currahee Mountain. However, her discovery of a mystery-laden treasure with a World War II connection makes her life even more complicated and threatens to waken a fear that would take her back down a road of heartache and grief. Colorful town characters help her along and the mountain itself bestows an unimaginable gift on her, but will she be able to push past her fear and solve the mystery in time? Can she as the stranger suggested, "do it afraid"?

A story of faith and humor, the characters of Home to Currahee will win your heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading HOME TO CURRAHEE. June is a strong older woman, moving to a new location, buying a house and facing all those challenges as a new widow. She was blessed with awesome neighbors, a houseful of history, and supportive kids--which means a lot. I was confused at first with the prologue about Silas, a paratrooper during WWII, and then the time changed to present time. I wondered what Silas had to do with the story--but Ms. Varnado worked that through in great way.

HOME TO CURRAHEE does have a bit of a mystery in it, but it isn't scary. It is more of a cozy mystery mixed in with women's fiction. I greatly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read more by Ms. Varnado. Don't miss HOME TO CURRAHEE. $8.99 kindle. $14.42 paperback. 272 pages. 

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