Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Quest for Wellness

The Quest For Wellness: A Practical And Personal Wellness Plan For Optimum Health In Your Body, Mind, Emotions And Spirit

Hardcover, ebook

July 15, 2015

by Mark Sherwood (Author)

  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Emerge Publishing LLC 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943127054

This book is a guided journey where the destination is a restored life filled with more energy, strength, focus and peace... a life you used to know and enjoy when you were younger. You may have thought those days were gone and your youthful vitality has been replaced with aches, pains, sickness and fatigue. The good news is you can take charge of your own health and GET YOUR LIFE BACK! Along this journey, you will learn how to LIVE the Wellness Lifestyle. It can be achieved by taking simple, yet effective steps to see immediate changes in your body, mind, emotions and your spirit. We are whole beings. When one area of our life suffers, all areas are affected. That is why the power team of Dr's. Mark and Michele Sherwood have written this book for you. The Quest for Wellness is not only for those suffering with long–term illness, it is a powerfully simple and balanced approach for everyone who desires to live their life with optimum health, and peak performance. Remember, the quest for wellness is a journey, but it is one that is worth taking. The rewards are literally life–changing. Author Mark Sherwood says "You can become well again and go from exhausted to energized... Let me prove it to you!"

Think body, soul (emotions and mind), and spirit. 

Surround yourself with people who are what you want to become.

My thoughts;  THE QUEST FOR WELLNESS is a very good book. I expected it to be sort of a bunch of tips to help you get well. Instead it is inspiration, which is good for encouragement. I love the encouragement he gives, and that he's a Christian so it applies to all areas of your life. 

This book does minister to the reader as well. It shows how to set boundaries with people and within your company/business. How to start getting well, physically. Step one, move more!  Yes. That is where I am. This is a book I will be putting on my keeper shelf so I can read and reread parts of it. Definitely 5 stars. 

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