Monday, February 20, 2017

Her Baby's Protector

Her Baby's Protector: Saved by the Lawman\Saved by the SEAL 

Love Inspired Suspense

Mass Market Paperback, ebook

March 7, 2017

by Margaret Daley  (Author), Susan Sleeman  (Author)

  • Mass Market Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373456932


Saved by the Lawman by Margaret Daley 
As an unknown assailant attempts to kidnap family-court judge Kate Forster's infant son, police officer Chase Walker thwarts the attack—and vows to keep the pair safe. But who will protect the ex-marine's heart when the widowed mother and her little boy make him long for a permanent spot in their family?

My thoughts: Saved by the Lawman was an interesting read. I enjoyed getting to know Chase. Kate seemed rather clinical about the whole thing, and not truly engaged, but it might just be because of who she is career-wise. She fought for her child, but she never seemed to get emotionally involved during the whole thing.  I would have liked to see more emotion from her both in the attempted kitnappings and the romance. The suspense part of it was good, and I thought it was pretty cut and dried, but the real bad guy came as a complete surprise. 
Saved by the SEAL by Susan Sleeman 
The tragedy that killed Bree Hatfield's best friends—and left her with custody of their young daughter—has been ruled an accident. But Bree knows it was murder. Scared and alone, she turns to her ex-boyfriend, navy SEAL Clint Reed, who'll risk everything to protect baby Ella and the woman he never stopped loving.

My thoughts: Saved by the Seal was a great read. I loved the nonstop action in this one as Bree and Clint try to figure out who murdered Bree's friends and why. Fans of romantic suspense love the nonstop action in Susan Sleeman's books and this one, although a novella, had just as much action. The romance developed quick, but both Clint and Bree dated each other before Clint joined the Navy, so it had a jumpstart. 

Overall, if you love romantic suspense you will love this dual by these two top romantic suspense authors. Don't miss Her Baby's Protector. 

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Love Inspired Suspense are always great ones to read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these.