Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Story Behind Beyond Justice by Cara Putman

When I started writing years ago, I thought because I was an attorney publishers would want me to write legal suspense. At the time, they were interested in other books from me, so I spent several years writing World War II novels and a host of others. Then the tide changed.
Today Beyond Justice, my first legal romantic suspense, releases. This book was a little different from the others because editors were asking me for a legal proposal. One thing that I learned early in my writing process is that I have to find an idea I can fall in love with for two years. Yep, you read that right. Two years. It takes roughly two years to go from building the proposal to writing and editing the book then through marketing the book as it releases. I knew I had to find an idea with Beyond Justice that could carry me through that space of time.
I was very deliberate about working toward that idea.
I quickly had the idea that the series would focus on a group of friends that became close in law school. Each book allowed a different woman to step forward as heroine, and because I set the books in Alexandria, Virginia, I had immense flexibility about what they could do with their law degree. Each book wouldn't have to be a courtroom driven drama.
But I still needed the hook for Beyond Justice. What would be the quest that Hayden, the first heroine embarks on? What would motivate her to change throughout the course of the book?
It started with a headline. The United States was experiencing a flood of unaccompanied minor illegal aliens. I began to wonder what that experience was like for the children and young adults. What did we do with them once they entered the country and were caught. Then I saw the photo of the Syrian refuge toddler who drowned while fleeing with his family. Combined, these different stories made me think. What would it take to make a mother believe that her child was better off taking the horrific risks both journeys involved to reach the freedom offered by another country. And what if a child died while in custody of the United States at a detention facility? Those questions became the genesis of Beyond Justice
I added in a feisty heroine, a strong hero, and layers of problems. The result is a book I hope you will enjoy reading.
“The author’s expertise shines through and adds a tremendous amount of credibility to the story. Danger, adventure and intrigue pour from every chapter.”
“…a relatable and fascinating story…Remarkably akin to today’s news headlines…a legal thriller that is intricately written to keep readers on edge.”
CBA Market

“With its menacing mood, crisp dialog, and quick pace, Putman’s action-packed legal thriller highlights a complex political scene. Starring a determined female attorney who will stop at nothing to resolve her case, this title will please fans of Joel C. Rosenberg and John Grisham.”

Cara C. Putman, JD MBA, the award-winning author of 25 books, graduated high school at 16, college at 20, and completed her law degree at 27. FIRST for Women magazine called Shadowed by Grace “captivating” and a “novel with ‘the works.’” Cara is active at her church and a full-time lecturer on business and employment law to graduate students at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. Putman also practices law and is a second-generation homeschooling mom. She serves on the executive board of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), an organization she has served in various roles since 2007. She lives with her husband and four children in Indiana. You can connect with her online at:


Marilyn R. said...

Beyond Justice with the legal suspense will be intriguing to read. Thank you for sharing.

Cara Putman said...

Thanks for hosting me, Laura! And I hope you enjoy the book if you pick it up, Marilyn.