Sunday, March 10, 2019

Touch the Heart by Kathy McKinsey

As writers we are taught how important it is to catch a reader from the start. Make them not want to put our book down.How can we get them to choose our book over the next one?

This is an important technique of the writer’s craft which I am still striving to learn.But I do want my stories to touch my reader’s heart from the first page.

Why do the characters matter to you? Can you care about them? Will you like them? Is their story interesting? Are these people like you?

Romance is always good, but I believe different kinds of relationships can also draw a reader’s interest.

When Cassie wakes in the hospital, her brother Jeff, who she hasn’t seen for nearly a year, sits beside her bed. Why is he here?

Beth’s brother waits for her outside her front door when she walks toward her apartment. He wants her to come home and care for their father. She’s had little contact with her family for years. Should she go?

Martie and the eight-year-old niece she barely knows are suddenly thrust together. Can they make their own new family?

Surprises are also a good way to start a story, surprises for the characters as well as for the readers.

Cassie doesn’t know why she’s in the hospital. What happened to her?

Ann is late to the airport to return home. Why did she leave? Will she be accepted back by her family?

Kathleen’s husband Alex has accepted a new job, and she is angry and frightened. Can they save their family?

All these stories are shared in my first book, ALL MY TEARS, a collection of five novellas.ALL MY TEARS will be released this April by Mantle Rock Publishing. Look for it on Amazon.

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