Thursday, February 6, 2020

Trusting God In The Small Battles As Well As The Big Ones by Barbara Britton

“Heavenly Lights: Noah’s Journey.” The daughters of Zelophehad travel into the book of Joshua.
February 20, 2020 (ebook) March 6, 2020 (paperback)
By Barbara M. Britton
Biblical Fiction, 210 pages
Publisher: Harbourlight Books
ISBN: 978-1-52230-249-0 (ebook)  978-1-52230-255-1 (print)

Book blurb for “Heavenly Lights:”'

Noah bat Zelophehad might have broken tradition by being able to inherit her father’s land, but her heart’s desire is to have the finest herds in all of Israel, something an orphaned and unmarried woman has never achieved.

Jeremiah ben Abishua cannot speak, nor hear. God has made his thoughts captive to his mind. But he can communicate with one shepherdess, a woman who sees his skill with animals and treats him like a man worthy of respect.

When their people disobey God and incur his wrath, Noah and Jeremiah must overcome tragedy in order to change perceptions in the tribes of Israel. Will their kinship desire to care for one another and the four-legged creatures God has placed in their care, be able to flourish in a land filled with enemies of the One True God?

God gave Noah bat Zelophehad four sisters, a way with four-legged creatures, and a strong spirit. She will need all three gifts to thrive in the Promised Land of God and find love with a special shepherd.

Barb’s Bio:

Barbara M. Britton lives in Southeast Wisconsin and loves the snow—when it accumulates under three inches. She is published in Biblical fiction and enjoys bringing little-known Bible characters to light in her stories. Look for Barb to venture into Christian Historical fiction in 2020 with “Until June.” Barb is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Romance Writers of America and Wisconsin Romance Writers of America. Barb has a nutrition degree from Baylor University but loves to dip healthy strawberries in chocolate. Find out more about Barb and her books on her website

You can find “Heavenly Lights: Noah’s Journey at most bookstores:

Trusting God In The Small Battles As Well As The Big Ones

I was only going to write one book about the daughters of Zelophehad. Right now, you are probably asking why the daughters of Zelophehad are special. Five orphaned sisters secured land rights for women and few Christians know their names. I was one of those Christians until two years ago when a friend mentioned these brave girls at Bible Study. These five sisters went before Moses and asked to receive their deceased father’s land. Moses went to God and God said the girls were right. If a man died without a son, his daughters could inherit his property. Groundbreaking!

The girls’ story is in the book of Numbers, but they come back to remind Joshua about their inheritance in the book of Joshua (Joshua 17:3-6). I couldn’t let these girls go until they had their land. I decided to write two more books as the sisters traveled into Canaan—God’s promised land.
I love the opening to the book of Joshua. God tells Joshua to be “strong and courageous” in leading His people (Joshua 1:6). In the next verse, God says, “Be strong and very courageous.” The Israelites would need courage to siege the walled fortress of Jericho. The people trust God and repeat to Joshua God’s very words, “Only be strong and courageous!” (Joshua 1:18).

The people of God were courageous and fought bravely at Jericho. God went before them and the fortress fell. Only faithful Rahab and her family were spared. The people of Israel obeyed God, until the fortress was a heap of rubble. It was then that a man decided he could steal from God and take some of the spoils that God had commanded to go to the treasury of God’s house.

Achan, the thief, trusted God in the big battle, but didn’t trust God to provide the small things in life. Likewise, Joshua after conquering Jericho, didn’t consult God on advancing against the smaller city of Ai. Since he didn’t talk to God, Joshua didn’t know the covenant with God had been broken by Achan. Uh oh. The first advance on Ai did not go as planned. Ai was only defeated after Joshua consulted God.

In this new year of 2020, let us learn from the book of Joshua to be strong and courageous in the Lord. Let us also remember to bring the small troubles in life to God as well as the big ones. God cared about five orphaned sisters and he cares for you, too.


Marilyn R. said...

I'm getting ready to start reading Numbers, so I'll have to watch for these four sisters. The book sounds intriguing.

Barbara Britton said...

Thanks for joining us, Marilyn. You can find the girls in Numbers 26:33, 27:1-11 and in chapter 36. There is a lot of Scripture on these orphaned sisters. I'm glad I discovered their story.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

I love that... Be strong and courageous in the LORD, meaning we can't do this thing called life alone.

Great post Barbara!

Good luck and God's blessings with your new release.

Barbara Britton said...

Thanks for stopping by, Pam. You are so right to point that out. The Lord gives us the strength we need to meet our life challenges. We are blessed to be His children. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

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