Friday, November 28, 2008

A Quarter for a Kiss

Author: Mindy Starns Clark
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0-7369-1293-2
Genre: Inspirational/suspense

Callie Webber is stunned when her mentor, Eli Gold, has been shot down by a sniper. Things can’t be as innocent as they seem on the surface, because before Eli lost consciousness, he asks for both Callie and Tom. Soon, Callie finds herself on the way to the beautiful Virgin Islands, trying to figure out exactly what case Eli was working on that caused someone to attempt to murder him.

The woman Eli was surverying seems to be a mystery. Is she a former agent for the USA, a spy for the Russians, and art dealer, or working in the black market? And why would investigating her cause someone to shoot Eli? Callie and Tom jump in to try to figure the story out. But the woman seems to be guarding her secrets well. Getting close will require a miracle of it’s own.

A QUARTER FOR A KISS is the fourth book in The Million Dollar Mysteries series. Unlike in previous books, Callie really isn’t investigating organizations to donate money to, instead she is looking into the attempted murder of her mentor. I enjoyed revisiting Callie and Tom, and getting to know via the pages of a book the beautiful Virgin Islands.

The faith message is strong, the mystery is well done, I had trouble figuring it out, and parts of it caught me totally by surprise. The characters are very well developed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the entire series. I read the books mostly in order, but they all stood alone, though the relationship between Tom and Callie were at different places during each book. Don’t miss this exciting series, or A QUARTER FOR A KISS. 333 pages.

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