Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get Outta My Face!

Author: Rick Horne
Publisher: Shepherd Press
ISBN: 978-0-9815400-7-8
Genre: Inspirational/parenting

Dr. Rick Horne is somewhat an expert in dealing with teens, as the father of six children, and a guidance counselor of a school. So one would be able to assume he knows what he talking about.

The facts that Dr. Horne presents in this book are undisputed. Such as:

1. Angry, unmotivated, and disinterested teens….are confused., insecure, and blind to everything except what they want right now.
2. Angry, unmotivated, and disinterested teens….are made in the image of God.

There are three parts in the book.

Part 1 – What you must understand to connect with your teen.
Part 2 – What you must do to help your teen.
Part 3 – How to make the changes stick.

GET OUTTA MY FACE is kind of a timely book for me right now as I have three children in the teen years right now. Of course, one has already survived the worst of it, he is almost twenty. Still this book is a God-send when I consider that sometimes he does act like an angry, unmotivated teen and this offers practical Biblical counsel in reaching them (while, hopefully, diffusing the anger.) I haven’t had a chance to put the principles into play yet, so whether it will work with my teens yet remains to be seen. Still, I feel confident that Dr. Horne knows his stuff.

If you work with teens in any capacity, such as youth leader, teacher, parent… you will want to read GET OUTTA MY FACE. This book will help you reach their hearts. 176 pages.

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