Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Girl in the Gatehouse

Author: Julie Klassen
Bethany House
January 2011
ISBN: 978-0764207082
Genre: Inspirational/historical romance

Mariah Aubrey has been relocated to an aunt’s abandoned gatehouse. Banished from her home after a brush with scandal threatens her family’s social standing, Mariah is forced to find a new life for herself. With only her old nanny as a servant, Mariah is forced to do some household chores herself, but she doesn’t understand why it is that her aunt seems to want nothing to do with her, and even forbid her to call her Aunt Fran, but instead by her legal last name.

Captain Matthew Bryant has returned a wealthy man. After purchasing an estate from a cash-poor man, Matthew sets out to show a wealthy socialite what a huge mistake she made when she chose another. But instead, Matthew discovers a treasure living in an old gatehouse on the property.

Intrigued by its occupant, Matthew sets out to learn all he can about Mariah. Instead the more he learns the more he realizes he must distance himself. It would ruin all his well laid plans to be associated with an outcast…

THE GIRL IN THE GATEHOUSE is reminisce of Jane Eyre’s books. A regency romance, some of the scenes seemed to be almost direct quotes. I didn’t compare, but they sounded very familiar.

Ms. Klassen is a talented writer, and I enjoyed the story, especially the attraction between Matthew and Mariah. I was also intrigued enough in the beginning, when it started a bit slow, to find out why Mariah was being sent away. I had to keep reading until that was revealed—and by then I was hooked. 400 pages. $14.99

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