Thursday, June 2, 2011

Revise Us Again

Title: REVISE US AGAIN: Living from a Renewed Christian Script
Author: Frank Viola
Publisher: David C. Cook
April 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6865-0
Genre: Inspirational/Christian Life

Rescript your spiritual life…

In REVISE US AGAIN, the author mandates (correctly) that we worship according to our temperaments. For example, ‘feelers’ tend to navigate toward more charismatic churches, ‘doers’ tend to go to Baptist type churches, and ‘thinkers’ tend to more of the organized, detailed religions, such as Presbyterian. He also suggests that some larger church organizations tend to combine certain types such as ‘feelers’ and ‘doers’ or other combinations of the three types.

Mr. Viola explains in REVISE US AGAIN that there are some ways every believer can benefit from rescripting their lives. They are:

1. Revising the Lord’s Voice
2. Revising Christianeze
3. Revising Christian Code Language
4. Revising Our Semantics
5. Revising Our Message
6. Revising Our Awareness of the Divine
7. Revising Our Attitudes
8. Revising Our Spiritual Expectations
9. Revising the Holy Spirit’s Ministry
10. Revising Our Chief Pursuit.

Mr. Viola has some very valid observations in this book – such as “let me pray about it” is code word for “no.” And that most people who say “God told me to do this…” never does it.

Mr. Viola states that the purpose of this book is “to see more integrity and depth return to the Christian faith.”

If you take the time to study these chapters, read the verses that are included and to pray over each idea, this book could be very helpful in jumpstarting your Christianity into something more than a “script.” $16.99 hardcover. 175 pages.

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