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Rebel Light (Coastal Lights Legacy #1)

Rebel Light 

(Coastal Lights Legacy #1) 

Paperback – ebook

May 8, 2018

  • Publisher: Winged Publications
  • ISBN-13: 978-1946939753

She ran away from the war only to find herself in the middle of it. Who will protect her now? 

It’s 1861, Florida has seceded from the Union, and residents of Pensacola evacuate inland to escape the impending war. But Kate McFarlane’s impulsive act of rebellion changes her life and that of many others in ways she never expected. As a result, Kate finds herself with an eccentric aunt in an unfamiliar place. 

Lieutenant Clay Harris, a handsome Confederate officer, offers a chance for romance, but his actions make Kate question his character. When a hurricane brings an injured shipwrecked sailor from the Union blockade to her aunt’s house, Kate fights attraction to the man while hiding him from Clay. 

She’s determined to warn her sea captain father about the blockade, but needs someone to help her. Who can she trust - her ally or her enemy? 

“Rebel Light by Marilyn Turk is an absolutely delightful yet compelling read. If you like Civil War stories, romance, and heart-pounding action, you will love this book!” --- Kathi Macias, award-winning writer of more than 50 books, including Red Ink, Golden Scrolls of the Year.

My thoughts (Reviewed by Guest reviewer Marilyn Ridgway):  I loved reading this remarkable and powerful story Marilyn Turk penned in Rebel Light. This Civil War love story set in Pensacola and Apalachicola, Florida with well developed characters that faced life with faith. I loved the secondary characters of John and Bessie, free slaves of two different McFarlane families, and the dialect Turk used for them added depth and the realistic component to this beautiful story. Rebel Light is filled with action, Southern history during 1861–1862, romance and God’s Word. I could see the action of the characters, the landscape, uniformed men, the ships and the forces of Mother Nature and the lighthouse in my mind with the descriptive words used by Turk. The underlying theme of God’s faithfulness to protect, give peace instead of fear, wisdom and guidance, forgiveness and mercy, and His unconditional love added so much to this remarkable historical fiction romance story. Readers of historical fiction will appreciate all the research Marilyn Turk put into this beautiful story with the authenticity of the ships, ports, dialect, separation of family members, trades among the countries prior to the blockade by the Union. 

I received a complimentary copy of Rebel Light from the author as a winner on a blog post. I was not required to write a review, but have shared my honest opinion of this enthralling story by Marilyn Turk. I look forward to reading the sequel, Revealing Light and other books by this gifted author of historical fiction.

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