Saturday, May 5, 2012


Author: Lisa T. Bergren
Publisher: David C. Cook
February 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6433-1
Genre: Inspirational/young adult/fantasy

What do you do when your knight in shining armor lives, literally, in a different world?

Most American teenagers want a vacation in Italy, but the Betarrini sisters have spent every summer of their lives there with their archeologist parents, who searched for an elusive lost colony in the rubble of medieval castles. Gabi and Lia’s father died there, but their mother continues the search.

Gabi and Lia are board out of their mind until Gabi puts her hand on a handpring in an ancient tomb and finds herself in fourteenth-century Italy—and worse yet, in the middle of a fierce battle between knights of two opposing forces.

Gabi’s summer in Italy looks much more interesting—if she survives…

WATERFALL is the first book in Ms. Bergren’s The River of Time Series. I recommend reading this book series in order, which I didn’t, as all three books in the series continue off this first story. I made the mistake of starting the series with the third book and reading the through series backwards.

I enjoyed reading WATERFALL and getting to know the beginning of the story. Even if you don’t like fantasy, it is interesting to see what a modern teenage girl thinks when she suddenly finds herself in the fourteenth century and having to suddenly adjust to life without amenities, amidst fierce battles. If you are looking for a different sort of read, I recommend WATERFALL and the other books in The River of Time Series. $14.99. 369 pages.

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