Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ricky the Remarkable Raccoon

Author: Peggy Roger-Carey
Illustrator: David Miles
Publisher: Hope 4 Families
ISBN: 978-0-9844587-1-0
Genre: Children/adoption

Ricky Raccoon dreams of a magical place he can call home. In a harbor, Ricky sees the big “floating houses” that might take him to that magical place. So, when he sees a family preparing their boat he jumps on board. He decides to hide until later to introduce himself to his new family. But when they discover him, the humans aren’t as thrilled as he hoped. They catch him in a net and lock him in a cage!

When a seal named Mr. Whiskers finds Ricky locked in a cage, he sets him free and adopts him. Ricky isn’t initially thrilled as he wanted to live on the “floating house.” But Mr. Whiskers talks him into it, saying he always wanted a son. Will Ricky find a forever family with Mr. Whiskers and his wife?

RICKY THE REMARKABLE RACCOON is a story for family’s that have adopted children or foster children to show them that they are special and wanted. And ideal book for children who struggle with not having a home with their birth parents for whatever reason and want a family to call their own. This book will show you that even though you are not a biological child, you can still be loved and welcomed as part of a family. $7.99  hardcover. 34 pages. 

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