Saturday, September 8, 2012

What a Difference a Mom Makes

Author: Dr. Kevin Leman
Publisher: Revell
September 2012
ISBN: 978-0800721732
Genre: Parenting

Boys will be boys—always. And no one has a more powerful impact on them than you, Mom.

Boys have three needs that they need you (their mom) to meet:

1. To be respected.
2. To be needed.
3. To be fulfilled.

And it is up to you to reach out to your son and to affirm in those areas. Your son wants to please you, and even though he may have bright blue hair and embarrass you in front of your friends, he still needs to know that you back him, that you love him, that you need and respect him. This gives you a lot of influence over your son. You can set him up for success.

In WHAT A DIFFERENCE A MOM MAKES, Dr. Kevin Leman reveals how you can make a positive imprint on your son from the moment you first hold him in your arms until the moment he moves out. And the best news? If you didn’t discover this book when your son was a newborn, it is never too late to start. Even if your son is nine, thirteen, or twenty-one, you can start today to make a positive imprint on his life.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A MOM MAKES is a book that is full of wisdom and advice that share with moms the truth behind sibling squabbles, a secret for discipline that works every time, and how to navigate the critical teen years.

Do you want to capture your son’s heart? Want a man you’ll be proud of? You can make a difference.

I wish I’d discovered this book when my sons were teenagers. I navigated the critical teen years blindly, and probably not well, using more sarcasm than necessary. I did do some things right, I have the common sense parts down, and my sons did turn out okay (so far). I highly recommend WHAT A DIFFERENCE A MOM MAKES to all mothers with sons, whether their son is hours old or in the teen years. Make sure you grab this book as a baby shower gift or a gift to your favorite mom – or yourself. 259 pages. $17.99 hardcover.

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