Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Walk With Me

Author: Annie Wald
Publisher: River North
September 2012
ISBN 978-0-8024-0593-7
Fiction/General/Classic & Allegory
Reviewed by Steve Hilton

A new twist on an old classic, Annie Wald has innovatively re-written Pilgrim’s Progress for couples.  In doing so, she has managed to grasp the core essentials of what marriage is really all about, and provides sage advice on how one can successfully navigate the oft times rocky terrain of married life.  For Annie, marriage is more than a one-day affair; it’s a daily walk in a sometimes cold and unfriendly world.  There are snares and pits that the married couple must avoid (or work their way out of).  There are also periods of rest, refreshment, relaxation, and a rekindling of the old flame.  Truth be told – if you are married to the same person that you said your vows to, whether that was 5 years ago or 50 – then there is something definitely wrong.  Mark Lowry stated it something like this:  “Life is birthdays, and bills; it’s good, and bad, and ugly; it’s new cars and skinned knees.  And Jesus came to give life . . . ABUNDANTLY!”  In this allegory, Annie invites you to take a walk with Peter and Celeste as they journey toward the King’s City.  You’ll find yourself rooting for them, weeping with them and rejoicing with them.  And you might even find yourself in this book, as well.

Inventive, imaginative, provocative, and compelling are just a few of the words I would use to describe WALK WITH ME.   One last adjective might suffice:  life-altering.  Read it as a couple, share it with your couple friends . . . but don’t ever forget the invitation to WALK WITH ME. 5 Stars. 288 pages. $15.99.

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