Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Reunion

Author: Dan Walsh
Publisher: Revell
September 2012
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2121-3
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary

Aaron Miller lives a quiet life. A maintance man in a trailer park, he lives alone in a shed that doubles as a work station in the park. He’s lost everything in life, his family, his home, his self-respect. He lived as a homeless man for years, under bridges and in tents. But Aaron isn't who you might expect.  He’s a war hero, awarded the highest medal of honor for his heroism in war. And now, someone is looking for him.

David Russo wants to tell his father’s story. Dave’s dad died in the war when he was only two years old, and now Dave is obsessed with it. He takes a day off work to meet with a vet, but this meeting changes his life. He is offered a huge reward should he manage to find Aaron. Plus a huge salary for his expenses while looking.

But Aaron doesn’t want to be found. It’ll take a miracle if Dave finds the reclusive Aaron Miller.

THE REUNION is Mr. Walsh’s sixth novel. Like the rest, this one is a tear-jerker. I was crying like a baby by the time I finished the book. The story starts slow. Very slow. But since I’ve read all Mr. Walsh’s other books I knew it would pick up. And it did. This is an amazing story that will make you stop and think twice about those other quiet—almost invisible—men that you pass in your life. The janitor at the hospital. He might have been a hero. THE REUNION is a work of fiction, but it is loosely based on a true story. A must read for everyone. $14.99. 294 pages.

The blurb: 
For the for the next week, starting today and running till next Monday, September 17th, Dan Walsh is celebrating the release of his new novel, The Reunion, with a 10-book giveaway contest! Five winners will each receive a signed copy ofThe Reunion, as well as his third novel, The Deepest Waters. (He’s  including this book because it was named a finalist for an ACFW Carol Award for book-of-the-year). Click on the link below to see how easily you can enter the contest!

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