Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blog post by Carol McClain and giveaway!!!!


Others say weird.

In truth, McClain's wacky and wonderful.

As a youth, she believed herself an odd-ball, craved being like others. She even practiced writing in cliches because her classmates did, and if they thought the phrases were cool, they had to be.

Fortunately, that phase passed, and she now celebrates her own diversity. She plays bassoon, creates stained glass, enjoys high ropes, loves to run and, of course, she writes.

For thirty years she attempted to teach teenagers the joys of the English language. Judging from the prevalence of confusion with their, they're and there--not to mention your and you're and the rest, she hasn't succeeded much. She's now on a quest to make magic with her own words.

Waters of Separation

Africa’s secrets resurrect the despair physician assistant Anna Haas buried in America. Her pregnancy and the discovery of boys bound by slavery in the cacao sector of the Côte d’Ivoire revive her childhood guilt. Her mother’s suicide claimed the lives of the two small sisters Anna had vowed to protect.

Her failure to save them was unforgiveable.

It will not happen with these boys.

Her interference prompts a corrupt government to threaten the thriving mission and the lives of Anna and her friends. Her action also threaten her marriage.

However, doing nothing will destroy her.

The story weaves from past to present and across two continents as Anna fights for love, faith and redemption.

For me, global equity is important. We worry that our chickens be free-range, our shelters no-kill, yet we blithely by goods produced in sweatshops. Leave a brief prayer for the oppressed of the world in the comments. I need more than one prayer. From those comments, a winner will receive a free ebook for the device of their choice.

Leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for this book. Please include contact information.  If we don't know you and can't figure out how to reach you, you will be disqualified. 


Carolyn Hill said...

Wow! That sounds like a fascinating, if not heart-wrenching, book. I appreciate the author writing about hard topics.

Marilynn Walton said...

Lord, I pray for all of those who are being oppressed by their government or by poverty or sickness. Make ways of help to them
and help others to be aware so they can help and pray. You love
extents to each of these too, and they must not be forgotten or
overlooked by society.
Marilynn Walton (

cjajsmommy said...

Father, give me your eyes so that I can see beyond my first world problems and have compassion for those who struggle daily just to survive another day.

lollipops said...

Congratulations to Carolyn!