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Finding Mercy

Finding Mercy

Mercy Medallion Series

Paperback, ebook, hardcover  

October 1, 2014

by Michael Landon Jr. Cindy Kelley

  • 416 pages
  • Publisher: David C. Cook 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0781408707

When Mercy abandons Captain Elijah Hale to search for her true identity, he goes after her. With the threat that bounty hunters might be hot on her trail, Mercy does all she can to stay ahead of the danger, frustrating both the bad men who are after her—and Captain Hale who wants to find her and escort her safely home. But when she stumbles upon clues that help her learn who she is and where she's from, the danger escalates and she has to learn to keep her friends close and her enemies even closer—if she can determine which is which!

This is historical romance with a blend of intrigue from beloved storytellers renowned for their work in film and print.

My thoughts:  I have been anxious to read this book, and thought I wouldn't get it to review, when all of a sudden, a year after it's release, FINDING MERCY finds it's way to my mailbox in Advance Reader Copy form. Wow. It took it's time getting here!  After reading (and loving) Traces of Mercy, I had high expectations for this book and it lived up to them and more. I loved this book!  Fans will want to read Traces of Mercy first as this series doesn't stand alone.  

I loved Mercy and Elijah and Isaac, and this book introduced us to new characters to love. It says it's a triology, but I can't find any information on the third book. I hope it will be written! 

FINDING MERCY had me sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next. Full of suspense and intrigue, this is a must read historical. My only complaint is that the ending felt a bit rushed. 

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