Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dust and Obey

Dust and Obey 

Squeaky Clean Mysteries #10

Paperback – ebook

July 24, 2015

by Christy Barritt

  •  304 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1515213987

When Gabby St. Claire’s ex-fiancé, Riley Thomas, asks for her help in investigating a possible murder at a couples’ retreat, she knows she should say no. She knows she should run far, far away from the danger of both being around Riley and the crime. But her nosy instincts and determination take precedent over her logic. At the retreat center she feels like she’s stepped into the pages of a creepy gothic novel: an isolated island that’s often foggy, an old lodge with a dark history, and a small pool of suspects who each have either motive, means, or opportunity for murder. When another life is threatened, the risk intensifies. Gabby and Riley must work together to find the killer. In the process, they have to confront demons from their past and deal with their present relationship. If they don’t learn to trust each other, they could both end up as fodder for the supposedly cursed island’s folklore.

My thoughts: DUST AND OBEY is a great cozy mystery by Ms. Barritt.  Set on a creepy island off the east coast, the island is known as Cemetery Island as one of it's names. The reason is because there were a lot of shipwrecks there... A marriage counselor holds couple retreats there for couple's who are floundering in their marriage, except that some of the wives are killed or attacked. Gabby and Riley are hired to see who is behind them... Everyone is sort of stranded to the island, so it's like a real-life Clue game. Who did it and why? Everyone has means or motive it seems.  

I guessed right away who-dun-it, but there were plenty of red herrings available making me wonder if I had it right or not. I did not guess the motive until it was revealed. 

I am reading Ms. Barritt's books out of order, and it doesn't seem to make a difference as they are all stand-alone.  However, if you do like to read them in order, they are:

Hazardous Duty
Suspicious Minds
It Came Upon a Midnight Crime
Organized Grime
Dirty Deeds
The Scum of All Fears
To Love, Honor, and Perish
Mucky Streak
Foul Play
Broom and Gloom
Dust and Obey
Thrill Squeaker  

Recommended. 5 stars for a spooky, edge of your seat read. . 

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