Monday, November 14, 2016

Guest Post by Teresa Ives Lilly -- Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving Memories

As a writer, the one thing I want to leave the reader with is a sense of having been right there in the story, enjoying the events, the places, the holidays.  Why you ask? Because when I was younger, the holidays were so wonderful for me.
My family got together at Thanksgiving each year, and celebrated not only Thanksgiving but Christmas at the same time. So, we put up a small Christmas tree and decorated it with plastic pilgrims, Indians, cornucopias and leaves.   All gifts were wrapped in brown paper, or orange paper and placed below the tree. 
The day would begin with the men all watching the football game, while the women gathered in the kitchen to cook. Because I was the youngest, I set the table.  But there was laughter and singing and great smells.
Then came the meal.  A table over flowing with mouthwatering food. (I’ll take the mashed potatoes please and skip the turkey, unless it’s a leg.)
Following the meal, we would gather in the living room and spend hours opening presents.
My parents are home with the Lord now, and my closest sister just went to be with Him a month ago. There are no more Thanksgiving gathering.
When I walk through the stores and see the Christmas décor already up, and wonder where all the Thanksgiving décor has gone, it makes me remember the beautiful times.
In the picture, you can see me at age 16, the year I wrapped all the presents I gave in brown paper bags made to look like turkeys…
But, I too have joined the ranks of early Christmas decorators, and even now I offer up my Christmas novellas for you to consider.
However, I promise, they are full of traditions and warm cozy moments for you to enjoy.
An Angel for Mistletoe is sure to please you who love holiday and traditions
When Angelica Cartwright heads to Kentucky to begin her teaching career, she never dreams she will be waylaid in Mistletoe Kentucky with a broken foot and cared for by a handsome wood carver and his daughter. However, she soon finds that Luke Tanner is also carving himself onto her heart.
Bio:   Teresa Ives Lilly writes Christian novellas and lives in Texas.  She loves to hear from her readers   see her other books at

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