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Interview with Candice Sue Patterson

Weddings are the last thing beekeeper Huck Anderson wants to be associated with, considering his past. So when he inherits a building occupied by a bridal boutique, he aims to evict the failing business and open a sporting goods store. Until his tenant ends up being Arianne Winters, a woman he’s indebted to from a mistake made years ago. 

When a life-threatening injury derails Huck entirely, Arianne offers a compromise to keep her boutique, and her life, out of bankruptcy—she’ll aid in his lengthy recovery if he’ll allow her to remain in his building. But nursing her adversary proves challenging when her adolescent crush resurfaces. 

Amidst a battle-of-wills, their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, providing opportunity to overcome their pasts and start anew. Will this confirmed bachelor consider holy-matrimony, or will Huck’s choices sting them a second time?

This story is a 2012 ACFW First Impressions finalist as well as a 2014 Seekerville Pitch Perfect winner.    

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Why do you write the kind of books you do?

    I’ve always been fascinated by love: how people fall in love, why they fall in love, the circumstances surrounding their love story. I was born a romantic to the core. Since the love between a husband and wife is just the tip of the mountain of God’s love for the church—His bride—I enjoy symbolizing that love through clean romance stories between a man and a woman.

How has being published changed your life?

    From as far back as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of writing a book, holding it in my hands, and seeing it on a shelf next to other authors’ work. The Lord allowed that dream to happen, and I’m still walking around in stunned bliss. I get to write what I love and hopefully point others to Christ in the process, which has changed me in ways I can’t describe. However, at the end of the day, I’m still a wife and mother with a tower of laundry, a constant stack of dirty dishes, and a need for caffeine. J

What is your current work in progress?

     I’m currently diving into edits for my next contemporary romance Preserving Liberty, releasing in 2017. It involves a historical treasure hunt between a Library of Congress Preservation Specialist and an undercover FBI agent. After I turn those in I’ll begin writing book two of my Cadence of Acadia series where a new romance will blossom and Huck and Arianne’s story will continue.

What would be your dream vacation?

     I love to travel, so to pick one place is nearly impossible for me. I would love to visit Prince Edward Island, travel to Ireland, and tour Europe. Not that I dream unrealistically or anything… ;)

How do you choose your settings for each book?

I choose the setting based on the characters’ story line and personality. Once I decide, I immerse myself in the setting by hanging pictures around my writing space, ordering travel guides from that area, researching, and reading other books set there.

What three things about you would surprise readers?

    I hiked to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon when I was thirteen. I’d love to do that again someday.

In 2007, I met Canadian director Kevin Sullivan (Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea) in Toronto, Ontario.

The night before I gave birth to my oldest son, I measured as big around as I am tall! I’m 4’11”, so he had nowhere to grow but out. Needless to say I was uncomfortable.

How did How to Charm a Beekeeper’s Heart get started?

      This story came about while researching for the first novel I ever attempted to write, in 2011. It involved a Maine blueberry farmer, and as I studied the ins and outs and the different types of blueberries, I discovered that many farmers rent bee hives to put in their fields when the crop blossoms. Pollination is vital to production. I’d planned for the beekeeper story to be the second book in the series but God had other plans.

What impact did your research have on you personally?

      As a child, I was always terrified of bees. After all, they sting! But not long after researching honeybees I became fascinated by them. They’re such amazing creatures and they do more for humans than many realize. Plus honey and other substances made from bees have medicinal qualities, as well as vitamins and nutrients. I’ll never view a bee the same way again.

Has there been a time in your own life where you could really sense God was putting you in a situation for a reason?

Definitely. In fact, the last few years of my life have been filled with some tough things I never expected. I’ve learned a lot from those experiences whether or not that was God’s purpose for allowing them to happen or not. Though I don’t doubt for a second He had a plan.

Author bio:
Candice Sue Patterson studied at The Institute of Children’s Literature and is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She lives in southern Indiana with her husband and three sons in a restored farmhouse overtaken by books. When she’s not tending to her chickens, splitting wood or decorating cakes, she’s working on a new story. Candice writes Modern-Vintage romance--where the past and present collide with faith. Visit her website at

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